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Mission: To provide resources that restore hope for those experiencing homelessness

 This will be accomplished through:

  • Providing access to recreational, health, community, cultural, and entertainment activities for those experiencing homelessness.

  • Providing access to personal care services such as hair care, dressing for success, and basic hygiene products  for those experiencing homelessness

  • Providing experiences that open up possibilities and opportunities to excel for those experiencing homelessness.

  • Providing opportunities for self-improvement, family growth and development, family unity that restores hope to those who are experiencing homelessness.

  • Providing access to and collaborating with organizations that provide food, shelter, and basic necessities for those experiencing homelessness.


Those who are experiencing homelessness struggle to provide for themselves or their family. Thus they are not able to take advantage of what most people can take advantage of and enjoy every day. STLC focuses upon creating a schedule and itinerary with local shelters for activities that are recreational, educational, cultural, inspirational, entertainment, motivational, and maybe just simply fun. This is done with the intent of assisting these individuals to re-connect, experience enjoyment, and to recapture hope which drives conscious action.

STLC operates on the premise that exposure to the wonders and opportunities that are at hand for individuals experiencing homelessness are an absolute critical and crucial factor to move forward. Seeing what's available causes dreams, dreams inspire effort, and effort realizes accomplishment. This is what STLC aims to do. To provide that "respite" moment to re-organize, re-focus, and re-vitalize the efforts to move forward.


Cultural and Art Experiences

Spread The Love Corporation will be exposing families living in shelters to different cultural events that will create an atmosphere for learning and family unity.

Penn Museum - World Culture Days

Penn Museum - Family Second Sunday Workshops

Penn Annenberg Center - Philadelphia International Children's Festival

Barnes Foundation - ArtSee Activities

Free First Sundays

And More!


Family Trips

African American Museum

Academy of Natural Sciences

Franklin Institute

Philadelphia Zoo

Please Touch Museum

Philadelphia Art Museum

Penn Museum

The Rockwell Museum - New York

New Jersey Aquarium


Movie Nights
And More!

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